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Height: 5"4   |   Eye Color: Hazel Green   |   Hair Color: Strawberry Brunette

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Cauldron's Brew                                LEAD                                         Dir. Pepper Reed

Her Mortal Remains                   LEAD                                  Dir. Michael Benni Pierce​

The Haunting of Lester House* LEAD                                   Dir. Michael Benni Pierce

​Porno: The Series                      GUEST STAR                       Dir. Robert Romeo

To Be or Not To Be                    LEAD                                   Dir. Joe McClean

Hell Froze Over*                        SERIES LEAD                      Dir. J Wilder Konschak

Life Tracker                                GUEST STAR                       Dir. Joe McClean

KillCam: Live                              LEAD                                  Dir. John Darko

Love-Stupid                               RECURRING GUEST STAR   Dir. Nicholas Brandt

Zoey 101/NICKELODEON         CO-STAR                             Dir. David Kendall 

Self Defense                              LEAD                                   Dir. Michael Mohan



The Current                                       LEAD          Earbud Theater/Dir. Jared Rivet

Enter the Dark                                   LEAD          Earbud Theater/Dir. Jeff Dixon

After The Haunting                           LEAD          Earbud Theater/Dir. Casey Wolfe

Trails*                                                  LEAD          Earbud Theater/Dir. Jared Rivet

Are You Sleeping*                             LEAD          Earbud Theater/Dir. Jared Rivet

On the Line                                        LEAD          Earbud Theater/Dir. Jared Rivet

The Creaky Stairs                               LEAD          Earbud Theater/ Dir. Jared Rivet

The Empty Sky                           LEAD        The Blank Theatre/The Living Room Series

Hamlet                                       LEAD        Shakespeare Orange County/Dir. Thomas Bradac

The Seagull                                LEAD        Richmond College, London, UK/Dir. Michael Barclay

Trails - Finalist for Best Lead Actress in a Podplay - Audio Verse Awards '17

The Haunting Of Lester House - Official Selection - Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival '17

​The Haunting of Lester House - Award of Recognition - IndieFEST Film Awards '17

Are You Sleeping - Nominee for Best Lead Actress in a Podplay - Audio Verse Awards '16

Hell Froze Over - Best Lead Actress - LA WebFest '13

 Training & Workshops 

Camera & Scene Study          The Actor's Path | Billy O'Leary

Audition Technique               Actors' Connection  | Sara Isaacson

Improvisation                        Carolyne Barry Workshops | Donovan "Scotty" Scott

Commercial                           Carolyne Barry Workshops | Carolyne Barry

Classical Theater Training     Richmond College | London, UK 

Shakespeare                          Dennis Krausnick | Shakespeare & Co.

BFA Theatre Performance     Chapman University | Orange, CA

 Special Skills 

Martial arts: Tae Kwon Do (1st Degree black belt); 3 years Escrima (Filipino sword and knife fighting); 2 years White Dragon Kung Fu; Boxing; Archery

Proficient with: Bo-staff, nunchuks, knives, swords, Escrima sticks, bow and arrow 

Dialects: British, Irish, Southern, Australian, Brooklyn, Russian, Scottish

Languages: German, American Sign Language ( beginner),

Other: Hiking, Rock Scrambling, Yoga, Pilates, Photography, Traveling, Baking 

Misc: Screenwriter, Blogger, Valid Passport, World Traveler

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