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My name is Tracy Clifton, and I'm a producer, screenwriter, and actress. I was conceived in a Winnebago in Canada (TMI?), raised in a tiny town from New Hampshire, grew up in Orange County, CA, and moved to LA after graduating with a BFA from Chapman University. I spent six months studying in London during college, and I've been to 31 countries spanning across five continents.


I'm a traveler, I'm a storyteller, I'm a survivor, I'm a scientist, and I'm a hopeful skeptic. Everywhere I've been, I've found stories which are somehow both entirely unique to their surroundings but also deeply universal. And although right now we might feel more separate than ever, it is our stories that unite us.

Maybe I can help you tell one of yours? 

my wheelhouse

animation post producing

live action producing


voice acting

mission statement

"...I think that storytelling more than any other art form has the power to shrink and expand the universe at the same time. That's the hope, anyway."

- Lea Thau

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Tracy Clifton

Producer/Screenwriter/VO artist based in Los Angeles, CA

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