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voice acting

Here you'll find my Voice Over Animation Reel as well as some of the award-winning podplays I've done with Earbud Theater over the years. To hear the podplays, hover over the individual pictures below and click the links:

Tracy Clifton Voice Over Animation Reel
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Earbud Theater presents

"The Current"

A dying lake. A bizarre small-town crime.  A detective with something to prove. It all adds up to one horrifying summer evening on the lake. Tracy Clifton plays the role of Underwater Criminal Investigator Debbie MacLachlan in this chilling podplay that will make you rethink getting into the water. 


Earbud Theater presents


TJ’s new girlfriend Shannon, is beautiful, smart, athletic. So to impress her, he’s found something he knows she’ll love – an amazing hike to a remote site that is rumored to contain something truly stunning at the end of it. Unfortunately for TJ and Shannon, these trails … are a little treacherous. Tracy Clifton plays unwitting bystander Kristen, who may or may not know more than she's letting on.


Earbud Theater presents

"Enter The Dark"

It's Damon’s birthday and his friends have decided not to go with some boring standard gift. They’re going to give Damon the best gift of all – an experience.  Something they'll never forget.  Something they never have and never will see anything like again.  Tracy Clifton plays straight-laced Regina in this descent into darkness.


Earbud Theater presents

"The Creaky Stairs"

Every neighborhood has a spooky place where kids dare each other to go. For Tommy and Danny, it’s an abandoned building across the street. And the rumors about the old lady who used to live there, how everyone hated her, the horrific way she died… even rumors of a curse. Tommy and Danny are about to take the journey to find out what’s inside – at the top of the Creaky Stairs. Tracy Clifton plays the role of 12 year old Tommy.


Earbud Theater presents

"On The Line"

Something's rotten with Dawn and Rachel’s friendship. Everyone has secrets, but this is different. On this particular night Dawn seeks Rachel’s company to finally have it out when a seemingly innocent mistake hurtles them down a highway of terror. Tracy Clifton plays Rachel in a tale that is  an insidious, high-octane thrill ride.


Earbud Theater presents

"Are You Sleeping?"

Jessica, Grace, and Tina are three best friends who take a spontaneous trip to Vegas to celebrate. It's fun and games until secrets and betrayals are outed, which gives way to a very long night of sheer terror. Sins are punished and demons long forgotten are given voice again. Tracy Clifton plays Tina, trying desperately to keep the peace, even with a nasty habit of talking in her sleep. Pleasant dreams, everyone…

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